Alice in a Yellow Sweater

Alice in Wonderland

A few days ago, as I was gently waking up, I had a flash from Alice in Wonderland. The picture was of Alice, 50 feet tall and standing in the White Rabbit’s tiny house. Only my Alice wasn’t wearing a blue dress. She had on a yellow sweater.

Yellow often means “fear” to me…as in “Hey, you yellow bellied fraidy cat!” And so as I focused on the vision of the giant Alice in yellow, I let my mind go to see what would come to me regarding my own fear. I find that too much analyzing actually makes it MORE DIFFICULT to interpret dreams. Relaxing and letting the image float there gives your subconscious mind an opportunity to see what it thinks while your logical thinking takes a break.

Soon enough it came to me. My fear was way out of proportion to my circumstances. So big, in fact, that it was had me stuck. (Fifty foot Alice was stuck inside the house with her arms and legs sticking out the doors and windows)

This little revelation was amazingly powerful as I immediately realized why I couldn’t move forward. I didn’t even take time to re-examine my fears, but just told myself that I was being silly and I really had nothing to be afraid of.

These last few days have been so much more positive, relaxed, and productive for me, as every time I feel afraid, I just picture a 50 foot tall Alice in a yellow sweater.

Follow Your Yellow Brick Road,


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