Catch the Thread

Sometimes when you wake up you only remember a tiny bit of your dream. Here’s how to catch the thread and pull the memory of the dream back into your waking world.

  1. Try not to wake up to an alarm. The natural waking up process keeps the thread to your dream state stronger.
  2. Lie still with your eyes closed as you gently come to consciences. Images will float through your mind. Catch an image and look at it closely in your mind’s eye. As you keep your attention focused on it, you will find more bits of your dream coming back to you.
  3. When it seems the thread has stopped, grab the dream journal you have stuffed under your pillow and write down as much detail as you can remember. Don’t worry about it making any sense. Just write. Write down the parts you think are not important or the parts you don’t want to write. Do not edit anything. The writing process will probably bring out more details. Write these down too.

The more you do this, the easier it will be to remember your dreams on a regular basis.

Its just a little brain training!





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