Poofing Visions and Robin’s Eggs


A vision pooped into my head as I lay in bed drifting. Has that ever happened to you? It is full color and looks like I am watching a movie screen. It doesn’t last long and its almost as if, as soon as I notice it, it poofs out of reach and back into the file where it came from. Wherever that is…

I saw a tiny blue robin’s egg. Cracked open and empty.

It was just a flash.

Dream reading does not stop just because we are awake. The language of our intuition and our dreams and visions is the same.

I am still pondering the full meaning of my little blue egg. To me, Robins represent spring, or new beginnings. An open egg means something has hatched. Of course, I am not sure what yet. That is often the case with intuitive visions. We see only in part. It would be great if I could get the whole message, but I guess I will have to ponder and wait a bit. Today I will be on alert for any signs that might help reveal what has hatched.

Interested in following a road to knowledge you need? Close your eyes and let your mind drift. Quietly ask to “see.” You may get just a flicker. That is perfect! Catch it, write it down, carry it in your pocket, and watch for signs along the way!

follow your yellow brick road,



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