A Breathtaking Sign


I woke up morning with the thought in my mind that I needed to spend more time working on Yellow Brick Dreaming. I have been busy with other things, but I also have been dreaming more vividly lately.

It is so easy to get “busy” with life.

We pursue goals that have our minds full and our bodies moving and forget that deep within us a voice is speaking, gently reminding us of what is important, guiding us, encouraging us. Our thoughts become so full that we fail to hear the small still voice. We fail to notice it’s beckoning.

I spent a few minutes writing a post, just putting into words what was in my heart. And then I left for the day, cruising down the path to the beach on my golf cart, when I rounded a corner to find a huge tree had shed its flowers and the path was covered in yellow petals. A living yellow brick road.

A sign. And a breathtaking one at that.

I love how God conspires to get our attention. How the universe concedes to throw a million flower petals in our path just when we need it…..just when we need to be reminded we are going the right way.

Take time today to listen to that still small voice within. And then keep your eyes open. Dreams hover in our waking world and their subtle fragrance wafts through our days, seeking to get our attention. All we have to do is pay attention.

Watching carefully,



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