A Dream or A Visitation?

Sometimes dreams can lead you down a road to uncovering secrets.

For example…

I was staying in a beautiful gated community about an hour south of Cancun. The condo that my daughter and I manifested was three floor of stunning and just above the dolphin pools. I slept on the third floor in a big bed with a handmade quilt and walls of windows letting in the light from the moon.

About three in the morning, I dreamed.

I saw a beautiful rainbow over a green field and in the field were small people, adult, but very small. There were many of them  and they seemed to be milling about. Then I heard a voice that cut through the dream. It simply said, “The children of the rainbow are not happy.”

rainbow (2)

I woke up and pondered the dream. I had been on vacation in the Riviera Maya for a few weeks and had been talking to the locals about a creature many people would say is folklore. But the Maya believe it is very real and much to be respected. It’s called an alux (a-loosh). The alux is a very small person, about 1-2 feet high. The art carved in the ancient ruins depicts them as tiny, formidable looking adults.

The locals say they are playful and territorial. They will guard you field against thieves, but will also play tricks on you.

I had one in my house.

You see, I used to live just down the street from the condo I was staying in and I had some very odd experiences while I was there. You can listen to the story here. After my odd experience, I really wanted to track down more information on the alux, but the locals did not want to talk about it with me. That was until I told my story to them.

After sharing my story, they thanked me as if I had given them a great gift and then they began to share their stories with me.

And so I collected stories. And I think perhaps the aluxob were listening. Maybe that is why they came to me in a dream.

At first I thought maybe the rainbow was like the rainbow of Ireland’s leprechaun. The two creatures did seem very similar if not the same. But as I began to press into the matter and do some research, I discovered the name of the mother goddess of the Maya is Ixchel, the lady of the rainbow. So of course the aluxob (plural for aux) would be her children or the children of the rainbow, and for some reason they were not happy.


I asked the locals why the aluxob might not be happy. They did seem to agree it may be because there was so much expansion of tourism into their lands.

What does an alux do when it isn’t happy?

Still so many questions to be answered.


For more information about the nature of an alux, check out this article 10 THINGS ABOUT THE MYSTERIOUS MAYAN ALUX

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