A Dream That Came True and A Sign

Have you ever had a dream come true? And I don’t mean a wish or desire, I mean a sleeping dream that happens a few days or a month later in your waking life.

I had a dream of a giant Mexican flag. It was huge and on a very long skinny pole. The wind was blowing from the left and the flag was flying out to the right. Funny thing was, the Mexican flag has an emblem in the center and this one didn’t. It was just the green white and red strips. If you are Italian, you will know that this is what an Italian flag looks like (green white and red strips with no emblem) but in my dream I knew the flag was Mexican just without the emblem….

On the right there was a HUGE open door. The door was wood and beautifully carved. The wind was blowing so hard from the left that it blew the flag into the open door.

I woke up knowing I have and “open door” into Mexico. The wind was coming from the left. Two things that BOTH mean of the spirit, (wind and left). So it is Spirit that is leading me to this open door in Mexico.

This is one of many signs I received about going to Mexico, but it was a very powerful one.

Well yesterday I went for a drive down route 307. It runs parallel to the beach here in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. I didn’t know where I was going, but I was listening and feeling to see where Spirit would take me. Its always a fun adventure when you do this. Kind of like a treasure hunt.

I saw a small sign I had only seen once before that said “playa publica” (public beach) So I got out of traffic and headed to the beach. The road turned to dirt and led eventually down to the sand. I got out, grabbed my camera, and went for a walk.

Here is the Video of the Beach

And what do you think I found?

flag on the beach sm

The reason the flag had no emblem? It was home made. Sewn together by the Maya women advertising massage therapy on the beach. It was made of three pieces of satin and tied up with matching ribbons. You can see the tall pole is made from sticks.

Guess I am right where I am supposed to be….

watching for beautifully carved wooden open doors,


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