A Vision and Confirmation: Digging into Things

Have you ever had someone tell you something about your future?

A friend of a friend contacted me on FB and told me she had a vision of me in Mexico.  She said she saw me down in a well that had no water in it. The walls were very narrow and there was very little light coming in. I had a small spoon and I was digging down to the water in the ground below me. She said I might be there for the rest of my life, digging…

well with wood sm

We talked about what this might mean.

The one thing that really stuck with me was that I was digging for something very valuable and life giving (water) beneath the surface, and I might be doing it for the rest of my life.

I believe this is about my love of discovery and my desire to find the ancient secrets of Mexico. I am currently here in Mexico on a spiritual journey, so the vision seemed very appropriate. When she shared with me, she did not know anything about my trip. She knew I was coming to Mexico, but not where or when on why.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago.

I was privileged to be invited to visit a Maya ruins site at an undisclosed location. The ruins have not yet been excavated and the location is secret. As I was walking through the jungle, there were ancient, natural wells everywhere. My host showed me the well they were using and explained that it was already very deep when they found it and they only had to dig a little further to access water. Some of the other wells went all the way to water and some, like the one they were using, would need a bit of digging. It was exactly like the picture in the girl’s vision.

cenote well small

I must admit, I was VERY careful not to fall into any of these wells, just on the off chance that her vision might be a literal one! I didn’t think it was literal, but you never know.

Seeing the wells everywhere as I was walking through the jungle, however, was such a STRONG confirmation of her vision.

I believe I will be digging into some things here. It may become such an amazing journey producing such life (water) that I end up committing the rest of my life to it.

Time will tell.

digging into things,




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