Who We Are

Life is a grand adventure and we journey through every day either aware, or unaware of the amazing “other” world that surrounds us. I love adventure. I live in Costa Rica where monkeys visit me nearly every day. I dive and sail and eat street food and pick up strangers–after all, strangers are just friends I haven’t yet met. And all along the way, I follow signs. Not road signs, although these signs do help me navigate this road I am on.

Everywhere a Sign

Dreams are full of signs. They are full of lessons about who we are and how we  feel and where our strengths and weakness are. They are also full of specific direction to help us travel this road we are on. But the signs don’t stop just because we open our eyes. My hope is that together we can read the signs that come to us every day…. both while we are awake and while we are sleeping….after all, we both want to know how to get to that fabulous adventure that is just around the corner!

Follow Your Yellow Brick Road….


me and Lee crop

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