Dream Dictionary


The language of dreams is elusive, always brimming with possibilities. We see in part and we understand in part. And even as we translate the language of our dreams, we feel there is still more hidden beneath our revelation of the images that come to us. Take a glance at a dream and you may feel that you know its meaning, but ponder it a while longer and you will see connections and symbolism that allude to things deeper, things we hide from ourselves.

A robin heralds a new day. The sun offers hope and warmth. But what about the worm pulled from the cold earth. Where does it fit into the picture? Perhaps your new day will come to you as you pull issues to the surface. Perhaps the issues are buried deep in a place where you once felt the cold and darkness of an uncomfortable truth.

There is no line in the sand when it comes to dream reading. The line moves and shifts as we grow in both understanding of our own language of symbolism and willingness to look into the mirror at the reflection of ourselves. Our deep consciousness knows the secrets we hide from ourselves. And it knows how to gently lead us into the revelation we need to become our highest, authentic selves. All we have to do is listen.

As you ponder the suggested meanings of images and actions in this small offering of dream language translation, be open to the small voice inside your heart. Don’t worry about being right. And don’t judge yourself. These suggested dream meanings will likely inspire other meanings as you read on. Write them down. Keep a dream journal with the keys to your own dream language. Remember, a blue car may mean freedom and independence to me because the first car I owned was blue, but it may represent wishes to you because your dream car is blue. We are individuals and whomever is speaking to us through our dreams, be it GOD, our hopes, or our own intuition, it is speaking to us in the way we will best understand.

So stay open as you peruse this small offering and see if you can catch the thread of meaning that runs though all levels of wakefulness and runs out into the great expanse beyond.

Happy Dreaming…


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