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Being Chased: 1. Feeling like something is catching up to you 2. Running from something, can be a commitment, a relationship, an emotion, anything you are not willing to face  3. Feeling un-safe

Camping: Staying in one place, can be physically, emotionally, even philosophically (I will camp-out here for a while)

Cooking: 1. Coming up with a new idea (cooking something up) 2. Providing food for others, may be physical, spiritual or philosophical food

Digging:  1. Getting into the fine details (digging into something) 2. Learning  3. Looking for things that are under the surface

Diving: 1. Getting into something wholeheartedly (dive in)   2. Getting to the bottom of something   3. Getting beneath the surface

Driving: Doing something you are highly motivated to do (You have a lot of drive) If you are in a car but are not driving, you may find you do not have any inner drive.

Eating: Taking something in, spiritually, physically, or philosophically. If the food is nutritious, then what you are embracing is good for you. If you are eating junk food, then whatever you are embracing is junk.

Falling: 1. Feeling out of control 2. Falling in love 3. Falling into something like a habit that dose not serve you.

Finding Something: These dreams are really cool because they may give you clues to finding an answer you have been looking for. Pay attention to what you found. Finding a key may mean you found the key to answering your problem. Finding a dead body may mean you have discovered something that isn’t working for you and you are aware of the change you need to make.

Fishing: 1. Looking for something 2. Trying to catch a mate (a lot of fish in the sea) 3. Sharing your faith (I will make you fishers of men) 4. Phishing is the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Having Sex: 1.Wholeheartedly embracing something or someone 2. Becoming vulnerable. If it is violent and you are the instigator, then you may be angry about something. If it is violent and you are the recipient, you may feel violated.

Hugging: Embracing an idea, a mind-set, or a person. If you are hugging a person in a dream, think about what that person represents to you because that may be what you are embracing.

Jumping:  1. Beginning some venture (jumping into things) 2. If you are jumping over-board then you are getting out of something. 3. Jumping up, reaching for something higher.

Looking for something: 1. You are searching for something, probably an answer to a question or problem you have 2. You may have lost something, like your focus or your joy.

Opening a Door: 1. Gaining access to something you previously did not have access to like a new job or opportunity 2. Allowing something or someone access into your life. Belief systems can open doors to positive or negative things

Racing: 1. Working hard to achieve a goal  2. In the rat race  3. Hurrying or feeling like you don’t have enough time  4. Being competitive

Running: 1. If you are running away from something, you may be avoiding something in your life 2. If you are running toward it, you are headed in that direction. 3. You could be running into trouble

Shaking Hands: Agreeing to something. Think about what the person you are shaking hands with represents to you, this will give you a clue to what you are agreeing to.

Swimming: Inundated with things (I am swimming in paperwork)

Treading water: Doing OK, but barely (keeping your head above water)

Walking: 1. Your path in life  2. How you handle yourself in life (your walk)

Walking or Running on a Tread Mill or a Stationary Bicycle: Going no-where

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