wildabeasts 3

Ant: Small, Robot-like (a work ant), Unimportant

Armadillo: Hard outer shell, Protected

Bear: 1. Cuddly (teddy bear), 2. Bad mood (you are a real bear in the morning) 3. Bare as in naked or vulnerable, 4. A long decline (Bear stock market)

Bee: Producer of something sweet, Great at getting your point across (float like a butterfly sting like a bee—Mohammad Ali ), Be (stop working and take time to just be)

Beaver: Busy (busy as a beaver), Industrious, Female

Blue Bird: Happiness (bluebird of happiness)

Bull: Stubborn (bull-headed), Long-term up-hill progress ( a bullish stock market), Strong (strong as a bull)

Butterfly: New creation

Chicken: Scared, unable to fly, ideas or things you’ve invested in (don’t count your chickens before they hatch)

Cockroach: Dirty, Low person, Un-able to be killed (one of the two things that will survive a nuclear bomb…cockroaches and Twinkies)

Cat: Sly, Predator, Boat (catamaran)

Caterpillar: Needing to do some heavy work (Caterpillar machinery), Will eventually have a new beginning (turn into a butterfly)

Cheetah: Cheat, fast

Cow: Fat, If the cow if chewing then it could mean thinking something over (chewing your cud)

Crocodile: Hidden danger

Deer: Dear as in important to you, Dear as in a person who is sweet, Afraid to the point of immobility (deer in the headlights)

Dinosaur: Something old, or from the past. Often something that does not work for you anymore. If you are being chased by a dinosaur, it may mean something from your past is bothering you.

Dog: Loyal, Sneaky (you dirty dog), Low person

Donkey: Stubborn, Not very smart, Democratic

Duck: Let things roll off (like water off a duck’s back), Instruction to get out of the way (duck!)

Ducks: If they are running all over the place then you may need to get your ducks in a row.

Eagle: High-thoughts (as high as an eagle), Visionary

Elephant: Memory (an elephant never forgets), An obvious thing no-one wants to look at (an elephant in the room), Republican

Fish: A guy or girl (many fish in the sea), Something is not quite right (fishy)

Fly: Dirty, Fly as in go in an airplane, Fly as in leave quickly

Frog: Unable to say what you want (frog in your throat)

Hamster: Stuck in a rut (hamster wheel)

Horse: Strong (strong as a horse), Forward motion, Power (horse-power), Achilles’ heel

Lion: Jesus (Lion of Judah-Revelations 5:5), Strength, Great influence (lion’s roar is heard miles away)

Maggot: Person who will stoop to low actions (you maggot), Rotting

Mongoose: Person who can handle snaky people (mongooses eat snakes)

Monkey: Playing around (monkeying around), Thief, Mischief

Mole: Spy or secret agent, In the dark about something, Distinguishing mark, Blemish

Mouse: Lack of self-esteem (mousy), Quiet (quiet as a church mouse)

Opossum: Uses non-action as a defense (plays dead)

Ostrich: Refusing to face something (put your head in the sand)

Owl: Happenings at night (night-owl), Visionary

Porcupine: On the defense, Irritable (prickly as a porcupine)

Rabbit: Prolific (breed like a rabbit), New beginning (Easter rabbit), Journey of discovery (down the rabbit hole)

Raccoon: Thief, Masked

Rat: Tattle-tale (he ratted me out), Stress (rat race)

Robin: Harbinger of new beginnings, Waking up, Rewarded for thinking or acting ahead of others (the early bird gets the worm)

Rooster: Wake up call, fresh start

Scorpion: A person who was born in November (Scorpio), Stinging, Poisonous

Seagull: Accepting ideas or information that is garbage (seagulls eat garbage), Not gullible (see-gull)

Shark: Good at business, Skilled (card shark), Ruthless (loan shark), danger

Sloth: Lazy, Slow, Dirty

Snake: Dishonest, Conniving (he is a snake), healing (Moses held up a snake in the desert and all who looked at it were healed and the symbol for DOCTOR has two snakes on it)

Spider: Lures you in, Liar (“what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” Sir Walter Scott)

Stork: News of new beginnings

Swan: Dignified, Graceful, Grown into a beauty from humble beginnings (the story of The Ugly Duckling)

Toad: Ugly

Turkey: Not very smart, Ready to use (turn-key)

Vulture: Preys on others

Whale: Tall tale, Lie (a whale of a story), Big risk taker (a whale bets big in Vegas)

Worm: Low person, Reward (the early bird gets the worm)

Zebra: Punishment, possibly in the place of another (by HIS stripes we are healed Isaiah 53:5), Unique (stripes of a different color)

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