Blue: Depressed, Sad (feeling blue), Spiritual, Your voice as in, what you have to say

Black: In good shape financially (in the black), Bad guy (black hat)

Brown: Down to earth, Earthy, If a person’s nose is brown then Brown Nosing

Gold: Money, Valuable

Green: Nature, Natural, New, Inexperienced, Money (green backs)

Indigo: Intuitive

Orange: Nutrition, fiery personality, warm

Purple: Visionary, Spiritual, Royal

Red: Angry (seeing red), Passion, Love, Base instinct, In debt (in the red), Embarrassed

Scarlet: Unfaithful (The Scarlet Letter) Embarrassed

Silver: Money, Wise (silver hair)

White: Good guy (white hat), Pure, Bride

Yellow:  Cowardly (are you yellow?), Sunny

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