hats sepia

Camp: A place you will stay emotionally, physically or philosophically for a while (camp out here)

Couch: 1.Taking time out, relaxing. 2. Lazy, being a couch potato. 3. To say something in a particular way. If you are dreaming about a conversation or situation it may be that you need to phrase what you want to say carefully.

Key: The thing you need to unlock something, as in your potential

Plant: 1. Look at the condition of the plant. If it is green, then there is good growth, if it is dying, then it needs some kind of care. 2. To plant something, like an idea or a business.

Recliner: 1. Relaxing. 2. Stepping back from something to take a better look at it.

Table: 1. If you are putting something on the table, it may mean you are offering an agreement or idea or being offered one (putting it on the table). Pay attention to what is being put on the table. It will give you clues to what is being offered. 2. If people are gathered at the table, it may mean some kind of team or unity is involved. Pay close attention to where you are sitting. If you are at the head, then you are leading. If the table is round, then everyone is equal (King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table)


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