Dream Types


There are different types of dreams and dream-like experiences.

Identifying what kind of dream experience you are having is an important part of understanding how to interpret it.
Symbolic Dream:     Most dreams are symbolic. Each thing in your dream represents something. You see a blue car driving down a road and it represents the idea that you moving forward in your spiritual life. (Car is moving. Blue is spirit) Keep in mind that when you are having a symbolic dream, everything represents something else. It is not often that some things will be literal and some will be symbolic. You might see your mother in the dream, but she may represent the “grown up” part of you.
Literal Dream:     In a literal dream, nothing is symbolic. Everything is what it is. These dreams are much more rare than symbolic dreams.
Life Reflection Dream:     Most dreams are reflections of what is going on in your life. They may highlight fears you have or challenges you face. They often show you what is really in your heart or what you are subconsciously thinking about or feeling. Interpreting these dreams is valuable because they give you information about yourself and what you can do to grow and expand in life.
Nightmares:     Most nightmares are simply life reflection dreams that highlight our fears. They are not to be feared, but rather understood. When you get some real understanding of what the message is, they generally subside. Occasionally they can be intense enough that you can feel paralyzed and unable to wake up. Usually focusing on moving one small thing, like a finger, will bring you out of these dreams. Sometimes you may find yourself crying out loud and waking yourself up. Again, keep in mind that, as you begin to understand what you are afraid of, you rob your nightmare of its power and, if it has been recurring, it will subside.
Prophetic Dream:     Prophetic dreams give you information about something. They can give you information about something that is currently happening, something that happened in the past, or something that is going to happen in the future. Prophetic dreams can either be symbolic or literal.
Visitation:     A visitation is when someone or something visits you in the context of a dream. It often has a feeling of the dream being like a background and the person, angel, or other supernatural being, or other sentient being being very real. Pay close attention to these dreams. They may have important meanings or they may even be relationship building with something or someone.

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